Steps To Go Live Using Instagram For Brand Promotion

Steps To Go Live Using Instagram For Brand Promotion

A Quick Look

Instagram is a social media platform offering plenty of benefits for a business. Live is a feature on Instagram that will help you perform the following steps. You can even host live to clarify the doubts of the users. You can also drive sales if you go live and promote your brand. In addition, you can also buy Instagram story views to increase brand awareness. So, make use of live on Instagram and make your brand get a good recognition among users. Moreover, in this article, you will know the steps to go live on Instagram.


Instagram has attracted many people to use it because of its virtual presence. Now at present, it has 1 billion active users in it. If you use Instagram to go live then it will help you to connect with your audience by interacting in real-time. You can also quickly catch broader users when you go live using Instagram. It also increases sales and gains profit. These are the advantages of using the Instagram live feature.

Determine Your Objective

The first and foremost step to starting an event is determining your objective. It is the main thing that wants to be reflected in your live stream. Many wise people have achieved success by determining their objective at first. So, you have to plan and determine your objective and then go live for your brand promotion.

Steps To Go Live

Here are the steps to go live on Instagram:

  • Open the Instagram app and then click on the camera icon in the left corner above your profile.
  • Instagram specifies the option toggle through the option by swiping them at the bottom to find the “Live.”
  • Next, to go live, tap “Go Live,” and then your Instagram followers will get notifications of your live.
  • You can see your followers who have joined your live by their username at the bottom.
  • To End the video, click on “End” in the right corner. Once your video reaches the final stage, then you will know who watched your live in counts. Additionally, you can share the video for the next 24 hours. So those who missed your live show can watch it.

Make Previous Announcement

You can create a promo for your live stream and post it at least one day before. If you do so, it will inform the audience about your stream and make them watch it without missing it. Also, your followers will support you by sharing the live details with others and encouraging them to watch your live.

Use Interactive Feature

Instagram has a number of features to make your live stream more engaged, and they are:

  • You can share the queries from the users to the screen when you select the question mark-speech bubble icon at the bottom. It can be shared only if a user posts a query.
  • If you select the paper plane icon at the bottom of the screen, then allows for sending a direct message to the user about your Instagram live.
  • You can use the person icon and invite someone to co-host your live.
  • Instagram story filter icon can be used to enhance the appearance to look attractive.
  • You can add comments for your live and pin them to the feed.
  • You can tap on the camera icon on the right side of the screen to disable your video feed.

Adding Another Account

You can choose an interview format for your live stream. To do that, Instagram has provided an additional feature that is “Go Live with a Friend.” It will allow you and another person to appear on the screen simultaneously. Later, if you are ready to start the live, select an icon with the smiling faces at the bottom of the screen. Next, you can select the person you want to go live with, and they will get the notification about the request to join live. If that person accepts the invite, then it allows them to join the live.

Tell About Your Product

You can discuss the advantages of your product with the audience. Instagram is a great supporting tool for marketers utilizing it to market their products. If you keep this valid point in mind, you can explain the usage and advantages of your products in order to make the users get ideas about your products. If you do so, your product will be sold out before the date of your target. As an added privilege you can buy instagram impressions for your product-related post to increase your revenue globally.

Focus On Different Angles

Instagram has an advantage due to its visual look. So, you can turn your camera on at different angles of your product and display it to the audience. If you do so, it will enhance your brand and get recognition among users. Moreover, if you focus only on one angle, then it will make the audience feel bored. So, while you are on live, you can focus on displaying the stream at various angles.

Last Notes

Instagram has coded with a lot of features that support you to market your products easily. Also, it is famous among Gen Z and Millenials and makes your promotion gets shared by these active users. So, you can trust Instagram live features, speak up about your brand, and connect with your audience in real-time.

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